Here are some photo galleries  of the most popular repairs that I receive phone calls about:

2006 Yamaha AR 230 HO
Hull Damage

1967 Formula 19-split the hull for transom replacement
1967 Formula 19'
Outboard Transom Repair

1993 Javalin 409T applying a new clear coat
1993 Javalin 409T
Bass Boat Clear Coating

      At Fiberglass Atlanta I offer a variety of repairs for just about anything made of fiberglass. Most of my services involve structural and cosmetic repairs to boats and personal watercraft. However I am able to work on a wide variety of fiberglass projects. I have been fortunate to complete projects repairing the penguin exhibit in the Georgia Aquarium; fixing a radio dome for CBS Atlanta; resolving cosmetic issues on several seating booths at a McDonalds for JBI Interiors; and repairing passenger van roof damage for the Hyatt Regency Hotel just to name few.
     My most popular repairs are fixing and/or replacing damaged transoms, stringers, floors and other fiberglass problems, both big and small, for most boats or personal watercraft. I also provide repair services for the RV industry including: minor crash damage involving panel repair and replacement; minor structural repair; and any rotted wood repairs. Along with any repair I offer additional services to resolve any issues with plumbing and electrical in relation to the overall job. 
     My cosmetic repairs include: gel coat chips or scratches; minor to major fiberglass damage; faded color and clear situations; new carpet installations; boat painting/spot paint repair; and custom applications. Whether you have a Bass Boat, Bow Rider, Pleasure Boat, Fish and Ski, Center Console, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, or a small Fiberglass Camper / Utility Trailer, something can be done to restore the appearance back to its original condition.  These repairs range from simple wet sanding and buffing, new gel coat application and buffing, to new fiberglass re-construction along with painting and blending to match original appearance.

If it's fiberglass it can be repaired!