At Fiberglass Atlanta I offer a variety of repairs for just about anything made of fiberglass. Most of my services involve structural and collision repairs on boats and personal watercraft, but I do work on a variety of other vehicles as well and I have been know to take on some interesting projects.

My most popular repairs are replacing rotted or wet and failing transoms, along with complete floor and stringer replacement. These are structural issues that are important to the safety of your vessel.

Collision repairs are another of the more popular jobs I take in. As you can see from the slideshow above, accidents happen. In most cases minor to major damage can be repaired. I repair a lot of jet skis and wave runners that have been involved in accidents or scuffles with docks. Check out the photo gallery for pictures of these repairs.

Bass Boats are another area of my expertise as well. Transom repairs are a popular and common type of job I take in when it comes to these boats. Along with some cosmetic such as wet sanding and buffing as well as re-clear coating, but structural issues take precedent. I do want to mention right up front that I do not work with heavy metal flake gel coat.

I also get a lot of phone calls that are unrelated to structural and collision repairs, this is also part of my business as well. You can check out the FAQ’s page to get a better idea of what I do and don’t do when it comes to fiberglass repairs. Also, check out my portfolio to see the before and after pictures of previous work.

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2004 Nitro Bass Boat

2004 Nitro Bass Boat
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1995 Ranger 487 Composite Transom


1995 Ranger 487 Composite Transom Repair
I don’t know the history of Ranger Boats, but I think after a certain year they were all made with composite boards or a comparable material, just not wood. Nor […]

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