So I think they say “Out with the old and in with the new”


    Thanks to all my customers for their support over the last 7 years! Since going on my own and starting a new business I’ve always had this philosophy, treat the customer right and give them a reasonable price. So, I promoted this catch phrase:

Save Money! Pay the person that actually does the work!

When I first started I had knowledge of the web the programming language “html” and knew I could develop my advertising through a web site based platform. Along with all my other computer skills I felt confident that I wouldn’t have to pay for advertising or pay someone to make a website for me and promote it, therefore keeping overhead (bills) down. Well, it worked for the first 4 years (2007-20011) and my customers saw what I was promoting was my work through pictures. Then with the introduction of the smart phone and blackberry phone (I’m guessing around 2010) the world wide web changed and exploded with new ways to view websites. So I felt i needed to change my website to accommodate this and I did, (you’ll notice the big buttons on the orange website) without further learning more about what was growing around me that’s what I went with.

Well that worked too, but the “WWW” grew around me again and I didn’t keep up. So, I have changed my website again to a more modern day look and feel. I am still behind the times but when doing it all yourself it takes time to learn and catch up. I would like to say thank to the community for all their hard work on providing this platform on which my website is based now. For everybody out there

An old dog can learn new tricks