Project Description

1972 Runabout 15ft Paint Job

Here we have a classic 15ft Runabout Boat built in 1972, a neat,  interesting little boat that is sure to raise the eyebrow of some people at the boat launch, not sure of the manufacturer but the style and looks was common to all in the 60’s and early 70’s.  Saying that, it’s not your mustang, camaro or corvette but maybe a little nostalgia from the times and there’s no reason why we can’t appreciate the boats of the era also.

My customer approached me with this job not as a restoration project but as something to make look better and be structurally sound. Hey, no problem, but there is still the materials costs which are not cheap but I do know ways to cut corners on the labor. Being that I have been in the business for 23+ years I know what the end project will look like and can determine what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t. Let me elaborate, new paint changes the appearance and perspective of anything but still takes labor and materials.

I do not have a category for paint jobs but I do include this repair job in the category of General Repairs and Miscellaneous Repairs because I do not focus my business on boat paint jobs, I do not have the facilities to paint allover large boats (18ft+ bowriders or other) but I can accommodate certain boats for this type of repair or work. Let’s not forget the Bass Boat’s, a good clear coat job can make a big difference.

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