Project Description

1980 Sea Swirl 17ft Yellow

So you have to approach every older boat differently I say, they really need to be checked out to see if its worth putting money into. I have to say I was very impressed with this boat manufacturer.  This boat was made with fiberglass stringers, not a wood core stringer for structural support but bi-axle woven roven layered up to the thickness of a 1/4″ to 3/8″ which means that in the overall hull structure would be sound throughout its lifetime however long that would be.

Common practices with boat manufactures is to use marine plywood as a core material for structural support and just overall construction of their product, which includes the stringers, floor and transom. This boat was made with a wood floor and a wood transom but in this case, the floor was good, engine was good and of course the stringers were made completely of fiberglass which made this boat a perfect candidate for a transom repair. Fortunately the hull was easy to separate in order to access the transom for an easy replacement.

Some older boats are worth putting a little money in, some are not, but you have to weigh the circumstances you are in and it just might pay off in the long run to put money into an older boat.



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