Project Description

1988 Sea Ray Seville 19ft

This is a situation which I would like to explain to all new boat owners, in that not only can the transom rot out and be an expensive repair but it is important that whoever works on your boat be qualified to see problems and alert you to potential catastrophic failures with your boat. This 1988 Sea Ray 19ft Bow Rider came to me with the front of the engine resting on the bottom of the hull and the front motor mount bolts protruding through the bottom of the hull.

As I always say that every boat is different in the way it was constructed and the way it has been taken care of throughout its life, different problems can occur. In this case the front and only motor mount was probably not fiber glassed in properly and allowed water into this area and caused the motor mount to fail prematurely, which also cause many several mechanical issues as well. With this motor mount repair I also had to replace the engine coupling, which is not a common thing but this one had been run for a long time with the failing motor mount, finally the motor dropped so far down that it locked up.

Luckily, I was able to repair the motor mount and get the engine lined back up along with new parts and and seals installed and the boat is back in service for many years to come.

By the way, from the description I was given over the phone I thought that the transom was bad, but this was not the case after I inspected the boat in person.