Project Description

1992 Challenger Bow Eye Repair

This is a repair that is not all that common, these areas are normally very well reinforced . The bow eye is a very important part of your boat and should be taken seriously, it is used for many different purposes, such as keeping it tied down to your trailer. Some of you might not take this into consideration but when trailering a boat this is the main tie down for the front of the boat and safety for you and everybody else on the road should be a priority.

In this particular repair you can see where the damaged area was cut out and the access panel was removed from the top side. It is important for that all fiberglass repairs (when possible) be repaired from both sides and if possible, added structural reinforcement should be added. In this case I was able to achieve both and the customer saved some money because the cosmetic aspect was not an issue, meaning the finished color didn’t need to match, I just used some leftover paint to finish it off.

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