Project Description

1995 Ranger 487 Composite Transom Repair

I don’t know the history of Ranger Boats, but I think after a certain year they were all made with composite boards or a comparable material, just not wood. Nor do I research other boat manufacturers to find out what they use and how they’re made. Just the same, I don’t have a vast knowledge of what boats are what and what year they did this and which ones are good or bad. I am in the repair business, I fix them when they break.

I have to say this was one of my favorite repairs. My customer brought this boat to me from South Carolina, he said he couldn’t find a repair shop that he trusted or would take on the project, or something to that nature. It seems this boat had been hit by a truck in a parking lot, only a small crack was visible on the corner of the transom. Over a short amount of time the crack grew and you could actually move the motor up and down seeing the transom move as well.

After inspecting it I found this boat to be made out of a composite material and I figured it just had to be broken somewhere, obviously. I just needed to cut into it a figure out what was going on and repair it. Nothing out of the ordinary for me, its what I do.

There are some details and certain things I don’t put into my posts about my repairs. If you are interested in learning more about my repairs, please check out my How to Videos or to see more pictures of any repair, please visit my online store.

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