Project Description

2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser Wht-Gld

So this was an interesting phone call for an estimate, the customer said my Yamaha Wave Runner came off the trailer and tumbled down the highway. He said that there is not really that much damage to the hull but that’s what I need you to fix. Upon inspecting the damage I was amazed at how well it survived the accident. There was of course damage to some plastics and the seat had a scrape and I think the handle bars were a light bit bent and of course the damage you see in the photos here. Note: I did have to vacuum out a lot of dirt and some asphalt before I could repair the inside as well.

Seeing the damage as a result of what happened I applaud Yamaha for a superior product. I took care of the fiberglass damage and painted it back like new and the customer took care of buying and replacing all the other parts and decals that were damaged.

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