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Fiberglass Repair Services:

At Fiberglass Atlanta I can repair just about anything made from fiberglass that you are able to bring to my shop. I use high quality polyester or vinyl ester resin, along with Owens Corning fiberglass chopped stranded mat or 1708 bi-axial, to repair all kinds of fiberglass. These materials are used throughout the boat manufacturing industry. Therefore, repairs to these products should be made with the same materials.

Once repairs are made there is a finishing process. All of my repairs are finished to a look that is best suited for the job. The materials I use are polyester fillers and polyurethane paint products.

  • example for unfinished look but protected with paint
    (click here)
  • example for a flawless finish usually on the outside of the
    (click here)

Structural Repairs:

When it comes to the structural repairs on boats I offer repairs to the transom, motor mounts, floor and stringers on most boats 26′ and under. These repairs, when necessary, will include: reinforcement for seat mounting, battery box, ski pole, etc. In most cases the repair will be better, stronger and last longer than the original.

  • Transoms – stern drive or outboard – single or dual engine – big or small
  • Floors – all boats and all campers
  • Stringers – all boats
  • Custom or reinforcement
    (example 1)
    (example 2)
    (example 3)
  • Modifications may also involve the use of metal or aluminum

Hull Repairs:

Trees fall on boats, channel markers jump out in front of us, docks don’t give way like they should and sometimes the boat just falls off the trailer. Kidding aside, accidents happen. If you’re in need of a hole repaired or crash damage fixed or cosmetic repairs or really just about anything related to normal wear and tear it’s all covered here at Fiberglass Atlanta. Insurance claims are welcome.

Stern Drive and Outboard Engines:

I offer the removal and re-installation of whichever type of power your boat has. This service is always needed for transom replacement one way or the other. So, you may choose to do this process yourself and bring the boat just for the fiberglass work.
However, it may involve a little more effort than you might think.

Engine R&R applications involve:

  • Overall check out of engine operation – start up and run on water hose, visual inspection of water pump operation and visual inspection of the power head or engine and components
  • Electrical system check – batteries, pumps, blowers, gauges and lights
  • Engine removal and placed on a stand and kept out of the weather
  • Steering cable/system, engine harness, fuel /oil hoses, battery cables, etc. are placed aside and the area is degreased for the fiberglass work
  • Fiberglass work completed
  • Installation is basically the reverse order but much more involved, see below

Here is the “Also” part of my repairs:

  • Bilge, live well, aerator pumps can be replaced and new plumbing as well
  • Electrical connections are replaced and cleaned
  • New fuel hoses and primer bulbs
  • New batteries/battery boxes can also be put in at this time
  • New stainless steel hardware is used, most important are new engine bolts
  • New bronze thru-hull fittings and plugs
  • All drilled holes are sealed with 3M 5200 Marine Sealant
  • All cutouts and vulnerable areas are addressed, pics (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
  • Lower unit /foot service – new water pump impeller, housing and seals, gear oil change and vacuum test can be done at this time
  • Bad fuel removal and treatment along with new filters. inquire about carb rebuilds and fuel injectors cleaned

*  In summary – with the fiberglass repairs that are needed to get your boat back in the water for many years to come. I also can do all the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and servicing needed for your stern drive or outboard engine.

**  I only offer my  mechanical and service related repairs as an additional service to my customers who’s boats are already here in need of structural fiberglass or cosmetic repairs.

Electrical Repairs:

Electrical system repairs range from a complete new rigging with gauges, switches, sending units, pumps and wiring to just a minor repair or installation.

  • 12vdc or 110vac both done here – converter/charger – inverter
  • Electrical system check  – can be just advice or maintenance
  • Control box and main harness trouble shooting – kill switch install
  • Instrument gauge replacement and trouble shooting
  • Fuel tank grounding and fuel level sending unit replacement
  • New switch panels installed – eliminating fuse panels
  • Bilge pumps, live well pumps, etc.
  • Navigation lights and courtesy lights as well as spot and fish under waters
  • Fish finders, GPS units , networking and custom dash repairs

Bass Boat Specific Repairs:

All of the repairs listed above relate to these boats but I have found that my customers are looking for a little bit more when it comes to their bass boat. Some of you ask about a repair to one particular area on the boat, what some may fail to see is that a complete makeover is best done at the same time. You are used to seeing your boat in its present state, I can see what it will look like when I’m done with it and I always get the wow factor look.

  • New clear coat applications – when its best for the money or
  • Wet sanding and buffing both above and below the rub rail
  • Trailer fender painting and clear coating – also carpet replacement
  • Engine detailing
  • New carpet installations
  • or just an overall grocery list on things to fix

PWC, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Sea Doo:

Personal watercraft have the tendency to get beat up and banged up over time and use. I have a lot of experience with all types of repairs on this subject. Often it may be brand new skis that have minor cosmetic damage that need to be new again or there are the 5 year old skis that need sprucing up and then there’s the older skis that need a makeover. Whatever the case may be I consider the year of the ski to determine the level and cost of repairs when I give an estimate.

  • Scratches, scrapes, gouges and minor collision to major collision
  • Paint work, spot repair or bottom refinishing
  • Detailing with touch-ups makes a huge difference in the appearance
  • New graphics and foot pads – aftermarket Hydro Turf is great
  • Trim pieces that fade can be painted and much more
  • Seat covers / upholstery I do not offer